Breathe on Me
Running Red
Washington Needs Washing Down
Fantasy and Moonbeams 2007

Rainbow Maker
Hope For The Best
Someone Will Love Me
Don't You Quit
Meet Me @ Midnight
It Ain't our Home
I've Got Something
Keep on Praying
Blue Hawaiian Wave
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Out of Step
Nothing You Can Say
Out of the Matrix
90 Proof
Thinking Right
Paid Back
Flowers and Lace
Some Will Have Joy
How Long?
Soft and Good
Fantasy and Moonbeams
Daddy Are You Thinking About Me?
I Don't Love Him Anymore
He Waits For You
Valley of Silence
New Orleans - It Ain't Easy
Who Do We Have Today?
Bright Morning Star
Phoenix Rising
Just A Little Drop of Kindness
Letting Go
Turn My Winter Into Spring