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Haste The Day, My son Michael is in this band. They play Metal music which also has alot of good melodic vocals. They are signed to Solid State Label. They recently appeared on MTV2 and are becoming very popular, currently touring Europe.
My friend, Jack Helser, is a thoughtful, intelligent man who writes music chronicling his journey with the Lord. Jack, like me, works at his craft "outside the camp", although he does give concerts in churches from time to time. He has a very warm, assured, and "cozy" voice. My favorite song of his is "Don't Be Deceived". He not only shares his ideas in music, but also writes some excellent articles on various church issues. He is a "real one" and I am pleased to have met him.
This is a website devoted to people who like to hold "church" in their homes rather than the "building". A very nice man, David Anderson, tries to help the Body of Christ see there is more than one way "to do church".
Janet's music can also be found at
My son, Ryan, lives in Los Angeles. He earns a living as a mechanical engineer, but his first love is performing. He is a singer/songwriter and writes some very good tunes, reminiscent of the Beatles. My favorite song of his is "Do Me Right" and "Carry Me". Have a listen to the Studio Version and drop him a note!

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